About Us

Welcome to Well Balanced Training.

We were started by husband and wife team Lee and Karen Thompson who felt there was a need for targeted up to date first aid training to help people really can make a difference.

Recently there have been so many incidents, accidents, attacks, stabbings, shootings and…. the list goes on.  Having witnessed some of these incidents they decided that they would like to be part of the solution – taking the old adage that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day but if you take the time and teach him how to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime, then maybe, just maybe their experience and the training delivered by Well Balanced Training can inspire someone and give them the skills to someday save a life.

Lee is an avid motorcyclist and has seen first hand the aftermath of motorbike vs. truck and watched in vain as paramedics tried to save the biker.  Maybe if he had been on the scene earlier, maybe if he had known then what he knows now he could have helped and the biker may have survived.

The last couple of years have scarily seen an increase in terrorist attacks.  In addition to this, outside of pubs and clubs we have seen people get seriously hurt and we feel that more people need to know what to do and how to preserve life in these situation.  It is with this in mind that we are about to launch a slightly different course that will include catastrophic bleeding and airway management as this, along with good quality CPR really can be the difference between life and death.

We have over twenty years experience in first aid and providing care in a pre-hospital setting.

We are registered with Nuco Training and qualified by FAA (First Aid Awards) who are regulated by Ofqual.  We are also registered with Pro Trainings  and can offer qualifications through TQUK.  We offer a wide range of First Aid courses accredited by Nuco/FAA/Pro Trainings/TQUK based upon the published guidance from the HSE, Skills Council for Health and Ofqual.  However if you have a specific requirement then we will be happy to design bespoke training to meet your needs.

In addition to first aid training we are also available to provide first aid cover at events.

We are fully insured and have a current and up to date DBS check.